Duke lives on through fine products, services, and events that bear his name and represents his passion for the ocean, water sports, and a way of life that honours the spirit of Aloha.

Duke’s Restaurants

Owned and operated by TS Restaurants, Duke’s restaurants have been successfully operating in Hawaii and California since 1995. They are among the most visited restaurants in the nation – a tribute to the quality and success of TS and to the brand excitement and experience they have created around Duke Kahanamoku.

Duke’s OceanFest

Duke’s OceanFest is Waikiki’s premier ocean sports festival, held each summer in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, the greatest waterman who ever lived. Held at venue sites throughout Waikiki, OceanFest features a variety of ocean sports that were close to Duke’s heart, including Surfing, Paddleboard Racing, Swimming, Volleyball, and more.

Japanese Apparel/Lifestyle Brand

Toyo Enterprise Company markets the Duek Kahanamoku brand under license, manufacturing a wide range of vintage and special edition Aloha Shirts, targeting the Japanese market – where the Duke brand is as popular as ever.

The Aloha Shirt

The most colorful and complete book published on the Aloha Shirt.

Duke’s influence in fashion and culture

Duke Kahanamoku branded aloha wear introduced by Branfleet Sportswear.

Duke Kahanamoku aloha shirts manufactured by Cisco Casuals.

Featured on hugely popular TV show, Ralph Edwards’ “This is Your Life”.

Duke Kahanamoku aloha shirts produced and sold by Kahala Sportswear, reflecting increased popularity of aloha attire. Duke popularized leaving the shirt tail exposed in a relaxed way.

Duke Kahanamoku’s Restaurant/nightclub opened in Waikiki’s International Market Place featured famous entertainers, such as Don Ho & the Aliis.

Van Doren Shoe Co created the Duke Kahanamoku Surfers Collection.

Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Classic, nationally televised event on Oahu’s North Shore.

Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation established to inspire and encourage Hawaii’s student athletes.

Duke’s Restaurant opened at Waikiki, Kauai, Huntington Beach, Malibu, Maui.

Named “Surfer of the Century” by Surfer Magazine.

Malama Pono Ltd acquired and consolidated Duke Kahanamoku trademark rights.

Duke Kahanamoku apparel collections introduced by Malama Pono.

Duke’s Oceanfest, an annual multi-day and multi-sport festival inaugurated at Waikiki to honor his legacy and honor his birth.

US Postal Service issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honor.

Vans introduced the Duke Kahanamoku Surfers Collection.

Malibu Shirts introduced Duke Kahanamoku Vintage Shirts.