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Duke Kahanamoku
The Ultimate Waterman

Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku’s titles and accomplishments are legendary: Father of Surfing. Four Time Olympic Swimmer. Ocean Hero. Movie Star. It is these remarkable feats, conducted with great sportsmanship and strength of character, that continues to inspire generations throughout the world.


Aloha Ambassador

Duke Kahanamoku lived life by a central code of values. Embodying the giving, humble and grateful manner for which he became known, Duke shared these values – known as Duke’s Creed – with millions around the world. It has come to represent the Spirit of Aloha and continues to inspire new generations to approach life with open arms, too.



The “Duke Kahanamoku” brand is embedded with the spirit of surfing and culture of Hawaii. Duke represents the essence of harmony: a life well-lived, with deep connection to water, the environment, community, and an appreciation for great beauty.


Behind the Duke Brand

Meet the teams dedicated toward honoring Duke Kahanamoku’s legacy for the future.

Malama Pono Inc.
Malama Pono was formed twenty years ago with a vision to introduce and share the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku to new generations of people, and in ways that re-connect Duke’s values for the world today – and tomorrow.  The meaning behind our name expresses our dedication to the Duke Kahanamoku legacy:  to care for, protect (malama) properly and with care (pono).

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