Behind the Duke Brand

Meet the teams dedicated toward honoring Duke Kahanamoku’s legacy for the future.

Malama Pono, Ltd.

Malama Pono was formed by Don Love with a vision to introduce and share the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku to new generations of people, and in ways that re-connect Duke’s values for the world today – and tomorrow. We acquired the Duke Kahanamoku trademark rights from a variety of entities to unify this effort and to create lasting impact in Duke’s memory.

To illustrate our intent, our company name was specifically chosen to sum up our ethos: “Malama” means to care for, tend to, or protect, and “Pono” means to do so completely, properly, and carefully.

Duke Kahanamoku means many wonderful things to many wonderful people. Our goal is to honor Duke and his spirit of aloha, respecting all the various entities connected to his life and staying true to his legacy.

Since ’99, we have passionately pursued the collection and management of the vast amount of materials spanning the amazing life and times of Duke Kahanamoku. We are proud to share it with you and to bring the Duke brand to life through causes, services, and products that continue to represent his remarkable strength and spirit.